The Perfect Wealth and Tax Structure for Property Investors
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What You Will Learn
  • The ultimate answer, should you buy investment property in your personal name, a company or a trust.
  • ​​How to setup your structure to get 100% property finance in a brand new company.
  • ​Which vehicle should you use for every different type of property investment.
  • ​How you can legally secure 5 times more property finance than you qualify for in your personal name with the right structure.
  • How to save 70% in tax on both your taxable rental income and capital gains tax.
  • ​How to move investment properties into different legal persona with very little to no tax including transfer duty and CGT.
  • ​How to safely and tax efficiently use the equity in your home to finance investment property.
  • ​How to increase your salary to secure more property finance while getting all your personal income tax back (one of our clients actually fired his wife from his business and took her salary).
  • ​If you are a business owner how to change your status to an employee to provide only 3 months payslips on new property finance applications.
  • ​How to use your wealth structure to form a property investment partnership.
  • ​Which assets you should actually move and keep in your family trust plus how to convert your trustee loan account into a capital investment.
  • ​How to create an international property investment structure.
  • ​And more...
Meet Your Mentor
Meet Your Mentor
Anton Breytenbach
South Africa's #1 Property Wealth Expert
Over the past 12 years Anton has built his own property empire from scratch and founded the consulting firm called Empire Wealth that helps thousands of investors achieve their investment goals faster by using the same extreme strategies that he has mastered. Anton has also grown the Empire Wealth Property Group to own more than 20 independent brands in the industry and is an expert & leader in all fields of the market. He has now taken his knowledge online with the Upsmart Academy.
"It's not always easy to expose oneself publicly, but it's my obligation to teach what I have learnt through my failures and successes to give you the same exceptional end results."
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